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Maple Grove Parentsí Club elected to use escrip money to benefit former Maple Grove Students.† Any student through 12th grade that attended Maple Grove before it closed in 2010 may apply for funds up to $200 a year for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES.† There is a lifetime cap of $300.† Click here for the grant application.† Or here for the college scholarship application of $750.

Terms and Conditions

*Applications for grants can be copied off this site or picked up at the front desk of the district office, filled out, and mailed to the address at the bottom of the application.†


*Grant money can be sent to an applicant to reimburse a purchase.† A receipt is required to be sent in with the application.


*If money is requested before a purchase is made, the applicant is responsible to research the exact amount requested.† The grant check can then be written directly to the store or organization.† (For example: A graphing calculator at Office Max is $156.95).† A copy of the receipt or invoice is still required to be sent to Molalla River Education Foundation c/o Maple Grove.† If a receipt or invoice is not sent in, the applicant will forfeit the right to access future funds.†


*There is a lifetime cap of $300 per student.† An exception can be made to access the full $300 at one time if the board deems it reasonable at the time of the request.† An example of this might be that a student wants to apply the full $300 toward the total cost of the 8th grade Washington D.C. trip.†


Maple Grove Grant